Hart Springs
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Hart Springs

Hart Springs, Florida
Hart Springs RV Campground

With the kids off for spring break it was the perfect time to get away for the weekend and go camping.  We chose a place in Florida that was only a couple of hours away.  Hart Springs is located in Gilchrist county near the town of Bell, Florida.  It is a county park that has both RV and tent camping sights.

We had a fantastic time at this beautiful campground.  Our camp sight was spacious.  The boys had room to run around and we didn’t have to worry about our territorial dog barking at the neighbors.  There was not a grill or fire ring at our site, so keep that in mind when packing.  We had the foresight to bring our portable smoker to cook with and we were instructed to just start a fire on the ground.  Which we did, so we could roast marshmallows.

What made this campground so special was the natural setting and the spring.  Oh my, the spring.  I can’t capture into words a way to describe the beauty of this spring and the surrounding area.

To get to the spring from the RV camp sight, you take a paved path down into a wooded area.  My kids loved this path.  I would recommend bringing bikes to travel it, but walking was just as much fun.

Hart Springs, Florida
Take is slow.  There is so much to discover on this path.

Hart Springs is at the end of the path, just a short jaunt across a dirt road.  It is a like a nostalgic swimming hole.  Kids and adults alike were jumping in and swimming about amongst the fish.

Hart Springs, Florida

The water was so clear you could see to the bottom and all the fish swimming around.  My kids loved it.

There is also a boardwalk close by that made for a great hike with the kids.  They complained at first about having to walk, but were quickly drawn into their surroundings.  It was so interesting to see different parts of the spring and the wildlife around it.

This was an ideal campground for our family.  It had everything we wanted.  Roomy camp sights, things for the boys to do, pet friendly and CLEAN restrooms.  And friendly, knowledgable staff as well!  Give this campground a try,  we are so glad we found it.
Happy Camping!


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