Prepping the Camper

We are getting ready for our next adventure this weekend.  Time to prep the camper with a little help from a willing volunteer.
We started out by giving the camper a good scrub down.  The camper had been in storage for a few months and really needed it.  It was a little chilly today by Florida standards so it was a quick wash and rinse.
We then moved inside to prep where it was a little warmer.
Prepping the toilet is easy but so necessary.  Just drop a tablet in and pour 3-5 gallons as you flush.  This is what we use, but I think any brand you find will work just fine.

My volunteer at this point is still willing to help so on to making the beds up.

He did a great job with just a little help making up the bunk beds.  It’s his turn for the top bunk, so he was really motivated to help.
I finally found a mattress topper for the queen bed on Amazon,  Best Price Mattress Topper Short Queen 3″ Memory Foam Topper with Certipur-US Certified Ventilated Gel Cooling, Short Queen Size.  It came in big box all wrapped up in plastic.  I was worried it would have a weird smell, but nothing.  It was fine.  It was easy to put in place and it quickly expanded as it was suppose to.  It was a tad bit short.  I had ordered a short queen, thinking that all mattresses in RVs were a little bit smaller, that evidently is not the case.  But we’ll make it work!

I had also found these little metal hooks on Amazon as well.  They were great for hanging up the towels in the bathroom.  I just hope they are as strong as the reviews implied. Here is the link if you want to give them a try. Adhesive Hooks, Bestfy Heavy Duty Wall Hooks Stainless Steel Ultra Strong Waterproof Hanger for Robe, Coat, Towel, Keys, Bags, Home, Kitchen, Bathroom (Set of 16)

We also found a huge container of Damp-Rid to put in the camper to help trap moisture and because we live in Florida.  We should have done this sooner, but it’s one of those things you don’t always think of doing.  With the humidity in Florida and summer right around the corner it will definitely help keep the musty smell out.
Next is wiping everything down.  Spiders have a way of getting in, and eliminating them is a top priority.   I also just like to get rid of the dust that has settled on everything.  My helper did a fantastic job of cleaning the table, while I tackled everything else.
And finally safety checks.  Make sure to check that everything is stored away.  Shifting during travel will happen.  Checking everthing before you leave will make camping less stressful.  My volunteer helped to change the battery in the smoke detector before we head out tomorrow.  Actually it took three people to figure it out, but he gave it a try!
My husband also checked that the brake lights/turn signals worked on the camper and that the tires were aired up correctly.
We are ready to go!

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