Campfire Food

Our last campout happened to be on a Friday during lent.   Catholics will understand this, but for the rest of my readers it means no meat.  Our usual staple of hamburgers and hot dogs was not going to work.  So we brought the makings of a pizza to make in our portable smoker.  And hoped that it would turn out.    The lactose intolerant kid had to have spaghetti.  Here is a quick list of what we brought to construct the pizza.  So easy and simple.  It also helps to have a former pizza maker from a national chain doing all the work.

Easy Camp Pizza

  • Publix brand pre-made pizza dough (found in the bakery)
  • Jar pizza sauce
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese

Not all smokers are going to bake your pizza the same way ours did.  I just know it took a long time, close to an hour to get it done to our liking.  I would have liked it a bit more crispy and not as smokey.  Maybe  a higher temperature and a thinner crust would have worked better, but it was still pretty darn good for our first attempt.  I did bring a frozen cheese pizza in case this was a total disaster.  I’m glad we didn’t need it.

When I think of camping I automatically think of s’mores.  My family loves making these over a campfire.  It’s a staple whenever we go camping.  It’s hard to beat a classic, but we tried and failed miserably.  Our epic Pinterest fail: cinnamon rolls over the fire.

And the final picture before they slipped into the fire and burned into ashes.
There are several pins on Pinterest on how to make these.  They all look so good and easy to do.  All you do is take a cinnamon roll from the can and skewer it a on roasting stick.  Then put it  over the campfire and rotate until done.  That’s it.  What could be simpler?  I hope you have better luck than we did if you try this simple camping recipe.
Good thing I brought the makings for s’mores.
It’s hard to mess up a classic like this.
Don’t be afraid to try new ways of cooking your favorite foods while camping, just always have a backup plan.

Happy Camping!


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