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Five Helpful Camping Apps

The goal of camping is to get away from technology and enjoy nature.  But I have found several camping apps that are useful to have downloaded to help appreciate the outdoors even more.  Depending on the internet reliability of the campsite you are at, some of these will come in handy to have on your phone or tablet.

Weather Channel

It’s so important to know the weather before you start out on that 5 mile hike or to know if you need to roll up your awning before a storm hits.  The Weather Channel app will let you know what is coming your way and has weather alerts to make you aware of weather emergencies. Get it here.

REI CO OP National Parks

This app is a great resource for exploring the National Parks.  It has  great lists of the most popular parks with more being added.  This app has links for food, lodging, tips and tours.   It also has hiking trails, as well as a  sub category of “family friendly” hiking trails with hidden “gems” to look out for.  The helpful hints and descriptions would be a great resource for deciding what trail to take with your family. Find it here.

RV Parks and Campgrounds Park Advisor

This is a great app to locate a campground when traveling or to find an area you want to visit.  This app will show you on a map where the campground is located and the type of campground it is.  It will give you honest reviews of the campground and a brief description of the amenities.  This app has links to the campground websites and contact information.  It also shows the locations of the nearest Wal-Mart, gas stations and Cracker Barrels.  Find it here.

Sky View

A clear night at a campground is a great time for stargazing.  With this app all you do is point your phone or tablet at the sky and it tells you what you are looking at.  This is a fantastic app for kids to learn about the stars and the constellations. Find it here.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

This is another kid friendly app to get kids in the camping mood.  They can decorate their own camper and design  their own campground.  It would also  be good for a rainy day of camping to keep them in the camping mood. Find it here.

I hope you find some of these helpful on your next camping adventure.

Happy Camping!


  • Betty

    I have the RV and weather apps already but the Sky View sounds like a really cool one I need to get . The kids camp on would be a fun one to have with the kids .


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