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The Best Finds for Your Camper/RV on Amazon

Rainy afternoons are the best time to scour Amazon, looking for camping gear for your camper.  You often find things you didn’t realize you needed.  Here are a few things I found that I added to my Amazon Camping Wish List.

Nesting Bowls

These colorful melamine nesting bowls with plastic lids would be a great addition to a camper.  I love the retro graphics on the bowls and the functionality of them.  Super cute!  You can find them here.

Coleman Cooler

I love the color of this cooler, Rose Pink, but it does come in other colors if this one is not quite your thing.   This cooler is absolutely adorable and useful of course. You can find it here.

Flamingo Light

This cordless light would be cute to put outside your camper or on your picnic table for added light.  You can find it here

Camper Bedding Duvet

I thought this bedding would be great for the boys and their bunk beds.  It can used for all age groups.  I like the vivid colors and the design.  You can find it here.

Extension Handle for Jiffy Pop

Technically you are not suppose to use Jiffy Pop over an open flame, but honestly that is what it is made for.  We have tried this several times and burned a few pot holders in the process.  I really want to try this extension handle.  It looks like the perfect solution to popping Jiffy Pop over a campfire. You can find it here.

Pie Iron

My husband has been wanting a pie iron for quite some time.  After seeing several recipes on Pinterest involving a pie iron I am starting to agree. You can find it here.

Solar String Lights

I love how my solar lights look during the day and night.  They charge all day, then at dusk they automatically turn on.  The ones I have are currently sold out on Amazon but you can buy ones similar here.

Smokey Bear T-Shirt

This men’s retro t-shirt would be great for camping or a gift for that camper in your life.  You can find it here.

Glow City Lawn Darts

This looks like a fun game to play with the kids after dark.  I remember having lawn darts as a kid, but not as cool as this game or as safe.  You can find this game here.

Colemon Portable Grill

Colemon’s Portable Grill would be a convenient contraption to have for the camper.  Its small size and ability to compact its size  would make it great for campgrounds where open fires are not permitted.  You can find it here.

Tree Hammock 

I actually got these for all the boys for Christmas.  They loved them.  It was easy to install, durable and a lot fun for the boys. You can get it here.

RV Outdoor Mat

A large outdoor mat, like this would be fantastic for keeping the sand and dirt out of the camper.  I love the color and the chevron pattern. You can get it here.

Women’s Camping PJ Bottoms

These pajama bottoms would be perfect for camping.  This is such a fun print!  You can find them here.  UPDATE:  I found out these  pajama bottoms are no longer available on Amazon at a reasonable price.  Check out this pajama bottom instead found here.

Pet Shade Tent

My husband likes to take our German Sheppard camping with us.  She is more of an inside dog, except when my husband is outside.  This little shade tent would be perfect for her when camping.  I like that it has a floor so she wouldn’t be laying in the dirt.  This would also be good for kids or the beach.  You can get it here.

Snorkel Mask

If you are camping near the beach or a fresh water spring,  a snorkel mask would be a great idea to get as well.  Your can get it here.

I hope you found some items for your camper or gifts for the camper in your life.


Wireless Backup Camera

After a weekend of trying to help my husband back up the camper, in the dark and the pouring rain this wireless backup camera would have been quite useful.  It would have minimized our discussion on the best location to stand to direct him.   It will definitely be added to my wish list. You can find it here.

Happy Camping!

Disclaimer:  There a few things with affiliate links above.  If you use the link to purchase through, thank you very much!  I may receive a small percentage for my recommendations.



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