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Cub Scout Halloween Campout


My Bear Scout is getting excited for his Cub Scout Halloween Campout next month with his Dad.

Today I set up what I thought his Cub Scout Halloween campsite will look like. I’m glad I decided to check to make sure the tent was alright to use. It wasn’t. The last person to use it packed the tent away wet, allowing mold to grow all over it. I ended up ordering a new tent from Target. It’s a good idea to check your tent before you go camping!  I’ll be adding the “real” pictures after the campout in October.

It’s a good idea to make a list of what you will need for camping, so that you can start gathering things.  Here is a list of a few things you will need for any scout campout.

What To Pack

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Tarp (to put under the tent as a moisture barrier)
  • Flashlights/Lanterns
  • Uniform for Flag Ceremonies
  • Class B Uniform
  • Change of clothing for a weekend (socks, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, pants)
  • Bug Spray
  • Medical Kit
  • Sun Screen
  • Poncho/Rain Gear
  • Camp Chairs
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towels, comb)
  • Water Bottle
  • Hammock (for Dad)

And for a Halloween Campout add:

  • Glow Sticks ( so you can spot your kid)
  • Candy for Trick or Treating (nothing with chocolate in Florida – you know why)
  • Non-Candy for kids with allergies
  • Halloween decorations (have the spookiest campsite)


This is just a quick list of things to bring on a campout, your needs may vary.

We also have a lot of Scout Popcorn in our house, so I decided to try out a mix to see if the boys would like it.  Thankfully they all did.   It is easy to make and quite versatile.  Just add your favorite cereal to the mix.  We call it Halloween Camp Crunch.


Halloween Camp Crunch

Just add portions that you need of Scout Popcorn, Pretzels, Cereal, Teddy Grahams (for the Bear Scout), Candy Corn and Pumpkins.  Mix all together for this tasty treat.

Make Your Own Snack Bags

I couldn’t find Halloween bags to put the mix in, so I made my own out of paper  lunch bags.

These were simple to do.  You just need paper lunch bags, burlap twine and a hole puncher.

Cut the bags down to the desired size you want them, fold the top down, and punch two holes next to each other.

Thread the twine through the holes and tie a bow.

Quick and easy snack bags!  A helpful hint:  Fill the bags before threading and tying the twine, it makes  it so much easier to pour the mix into the bag.

They turned out cute!

Halloween Finds

This will be such a fun campout for my Bear.  It’s his first Halloween campout.  He gets to bring his glow-in-dark sleeping bag and go trick or treating. What could be better?

A skeleton in a hammock to scare his friends, thats what!

Here are some links to make your Cub Scout Halloween campout fun:

This is my son’s sleeping bag.  It glows in the dark, and is so easy to fold up into it’s bag to carry.  It’s great for little kids.  You can find it here.

A hammock is always fun on a campout and a great way for Dad to relax during the day.  You can find it here.

A posable skeleton is a spooky addition to any campsite.  You can find one like mine here.

And finally Halloween lights to make your campsite stand out!  You can find them here.


Happy Halloween and Happy Camping!


I should have put more planning into my son’s actually Halloween Cub Campout than this blog post.  I didn’t get his reservation in on  time and the camp was full.  He didn’t get to go on his campout.  I felt horrible.  So we did the next best thing to make up for it.  We took him to Volcano Bay at Universal in Orlando.  This helped to sooth over a major disappointment. Maybe next year.  

Disclaimer:  There a few things with affiliate links above.  If you use the link to purchase through, thank you very much!  I may receive a small percentage for my recommendations.





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