Amateur Camper

New Year, New Logo

Happy New Year

Amateur Camper is officially one year old! It’s hard to believe my little idea for a blog has grown so much in one year. I hope to continue to grow this coming year, with more blog posts, camping recipes, and product reviews.

There are several campgrounds we are scouting out to visit and explore in the coming months. We are hoping to do a camping trip that lets the boys try out their new mountain bikes they got for their December birthdays. Believe it or not, Florida does have some great mountain bike trails. We can’t wait to get the boys out on them.

We also want to incorporate new hobbies into our camping trips. Kayaking is going to be my husband’s new adventure. Stay tuned as we visit a couple of the many places to kayak in Florida. The fresh water springs nearby would be a great place to start.

New Logo

I am so excited about my new logo. I have been wanting to get one since I started this blog. Although I didn’t quite know what I wanted, I did find someone that really captured what I wanted. If you need one done quickly, check out Sam’s work here on fiverr. She did an excellent job!

Hopefully I can now properly watermark my pictures, so that aren’t being stolen on Pinterest. What an ordeal that is! Just one of many challenges I have come up against in doing this blog. But I have also learned so much along the way.

I’m still an amateur camper, learning and laughing through our camping adventures. And I am definitely still a novice at blogging, but enjoying every moment of it. Thank you to everyone that has visited Amateur Camper and given me the chance to do something I love. Here’s to finding new adventures in the new year!

Happy Camping!


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