High Falls State Park
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High Falls State Park

The kids were on spring break last week so a little camping trip was much needed. We chose a campground out of state, but not that far from home. High Falls State Park in Georgia was our next camping adventure.

High Falls State Park

High Falls State Park was once a well established town in the 1800’s. It fell on hard times after a railroad bypassed the town. Businesses closed and people moved, it became a ghost town. The remains of the gist mill and powerhouse can still be seen on the hiking trials throughout the park. It is now a state park.


The campsites have two different locations, the River Camping Area and the Lakeside Camping Area. Our campsite was in the River Camping Area, spot number 2. We had a fantastic spot with lots of room.

High Falls State Park, Campsite

The boys loved this campsite because they could explore the woods, yet they were close by that we could still see them. There are a lot of great sites in this campground, so finding one is not a problem.

A few things about this campground that are important to note. This campground is not full hook up, but it does have a dump station. Pets are welcomed but must be leashed. Pets are allowed on the walking trials. We wore our dog out on them. There are several camp hosts to help you out and they are extremely friendly and helpful.

This was a well maintained state park. We absolutely loved it and had such a great time exploring this park.


High Falls State Park

There are so many amazing waterfalls at High Falls State Park. I took a lot pictures of them. They are so beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. The kids were transfixed watching them, just in total awe of how magnificent they were.

High Falls State Park, Waterfalls
High Falls State Park


We did a lot of hiking on this campout. The trails at High Falls are challenging, and really give you a workout. We were worn out at the end of each day.

Historic Trail

The first trail we did was the Historic Trail. This trail went by the old powerhouse. This was such an interesting trail to hike, to be able to visualize what the powerhouse once was. It’s a little sad to see such a historic building in disrepair, yet it’s still holds a powerful presence in the woods.

High Falls State Park, Powerhouse

Falls Trail

The next hike we did was the Falls Trail. This was the most challenging trail, but it was so fun to do. I don’t think I would take little kids on it, because it was tough, lots of hills. You do get very close to the waterfalls so it is definitely worth it. The views were amazing.

High Falls State Park
High Falls State Park
High Falls State Park

Tranquil Trail

Our last hike was the Tranquil Trail. It was tranquil with several spots to sit and observe your surroundings. It is the longest trail, about 2 miles in length. This is a great trail to just take a relaxing walk in the woods.

High Falls State Park
High Falls State Park

Things to do

There are a lot of things to do in the park besides hiking. You are able to rent kayaks and canoes. There is boating and fishing available.  Swimming is not allowed in the waterfalls but we did see a pool that wasn’t opened yet.

Within driving distance we did find an interesting nature preserve. The Dauset Trails Nature Canter is located just 5 miles from High Falls State Park.

High Falls State Park, Dauset Trails Nature Center

There are biking trails, that would have been fun to go on and hiking trails as well.

The nature preserve houses several animals that cannot be released back into the wild. Our favorite was the otter. We could have watched him all day.

High Falls State Park, Dauset Trails Nature Canter
High Falls State Park, Dauset Trails Nature Center

The owls were pretty awesome too!

Definitely check out Dauset Trails Nature Center. It is well worth the trip and great for kids.


High Falls State Park was a fantastic campground and park to visit. It was about a 7 hour drive for us, but it was so worth it. The boys experienced so many things that they will cherish forever.

This is our second Georgia State Park that we have camped at. Check out my post on Reed Bingham State Park. Both parks were well maintained, clean and had a great staff running each one. Georgia can be proud of their parks and the people running them.

Happy camping!


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High Falls State Park

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