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    How to Start a Fire Without a Match

    My youngest son just had his Blue and Gold at Cub Scouts and was promoted to a Webelo. He’s is so excited for this rank, because they learn how to make a fire without a match. While he hasn’t earned his belt loop for this (Iron Chef), he has been practicing under very close supervision. He’s favorite way is the bird nest method. The bird nest method is a quick and easy way to start a fire that older kids can do with supervision following common sense fire safety. Never allow kids to start a fire without adult supervision and clear understanding of fire safety rules. Know the rules of…

  • Dutch Oven Cherry Dump Cake

    Dutch Oven Cherry Dump Cake

    On our last camping trip we went to beautiful High Falls State Park in Georgia. This was such a great camping adventure for us and we had so much fun. We brought along our Dutch oven and made this tasty dessert, Dutch Oven Cherry Dump Cake. We cheated that night and had take out Mexican food, the boys were getting tired of hamburgers and hot dogs, but we had the cake for dessert. It was so good, and actually went quite well my chicken tacos. Ingredients This is the easiest ingredients list. Can of Cherries Yellow Cake Mix Stick of Butter (melted) Directions These are really simple directions. You literally…

  • Indian Springs State Park
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    Indian Springs State Park

    While camping at High Falls State Park in Georgia a couple of weeks ago we visited another Georgia state park just a few miles away. Indian Springs State Park was an interesting park to explore. History Indian Springs State Park is rich in history and natural beauty. The Creek Indians once used the springs for healing the sick. It was an important site to the Creek and held great significance to them. The state of Georgia took over the land from the Indians in the 1820’s and it became a growing tourist destination. The mineral rich spring water helped attract people to the area and allow the area to grow.…


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