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    Prepping the Camper

    We are getting ready for our next adventure this weekend.  Time to prep the camper with a little help from a willing volunteer. We started out by giving the camper a good scrub down.  The camper had been in storage for a few months and really needed it.  It was a little chilly today by Florida standards so it was a quick wash and rinse. We then moved inside to prep where it was a little warmer. Prepping the toilet is easy but so necessary.  Just drop a tablet in and pour 3-5 gallons as you flush.  This is what we use, but I think any brand you find will…

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    Our Jayco Camper

    We had been searching for a camper for a few months before we found one that fit our budget and needs.  We went to RV dealerships and shows trying to find the perfect camper for us.  First thing we found out was that we were limited on what we could get because of towing capability of the truck we had at the time.  A seventeen foot camper was the biggest we could go and it couldn’t have a lot of options.  The second thing we found out was how hard is was going to be to find a camper that size with a bunkbeds for the boys.  As soon was…

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