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    Unique Camping Finds

    I love to share unique camping finds that I discover. Some may be already known to you, but I just recently found them. Enjoy this list of Unique Camping Finds for your own camping adventures or to give as gifts to the camping enthusiasts in your life. Grill Caddy My husband and the boys got my this adorable grill caddy for Mother’s Day. I had seen it at Target and fell in love with it. My sweet husband went back and got it for me. I absolutely love it. It has the cutest graphics on the condiments containers and carrying everything to the picnic table would be a breeze. I…

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    How to Start a Fire Without a Match

    My youngest son just had his Blue and Gold at Cub Scouts and was promoted to a Webelo. He’s is so excited for this rank, because they learn how to make a fire without a match. While he hasn’t earned his belt loop for this (Iron Chef), he has been practicing under very close supervision. He’s favorite way is the bird nest method. The bird nest method is a quick and easy way to start a fire that older kids can do with supervision following common sense fire safety. Never allow kids to start a fire without adult supervision and clear understanding of fire safety rules. Know the rules of…

  • How To Use A Pie Iron
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    How to Use a Pie Iron

    On our campout to Salt Springs Recreation Area we experimented using a pie iron I had gotten my husband for Christmas. This post should probably read “How Not to Use a Pie Iron”. I think we did absolutely everything wrong when we used it for the first time. So learn from our mistakes so that when you try it, you’ll be an expert Pie Iron Camp Chef. Seasoning The first thing you need to do with your new pie iron is to season it. No this isn’t added seasoning to your grilled cheese sandwich, this is seasoning your it before you use it so your food doesn’t stick to it.…

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    Kayak Supplies For Amateurs

    If you have read my blog about Blue Spring State Park, you already know that this was our first time taking the kayak out on the water. This was a great place to start for amateurs. The workers at the launch site were very helpful. The water was relatively calm and not overcrowded with other boaters. Plenty of room to work out the kinks and learn how to kayak. It took my husband awhile to get his balance with the kayak and learn how to maneuver it. Evidently it is different from a paddling a canoe. He quickly got the hang of it and paddled up and down the St.…

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    Camping Bucket Light

    The Bucket Light A while back I did a blog post, Gifts For Campers. In the post I featured a camping bucket light from Mountain Soul Gifts. They were gracious enough to allow me to put their Camping Bucket Light in my post. They didn’t know me or even heard of my blog when I contacted them out of the blue. The owners of Mountain Soul Gifts couldn’t have been kinder to me. Thank you! My sister read my post about how much I wanted one of these cool buckets. If you have been to any campground recently, you have had to see them. They are perfect for camping. They…

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