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Cool Camping Finds for Your Dog

Dogs are considered a part of the family.  Of course you would like to take them camping with you.  Make sure to find a pet friendly park.  Two that I have already written about are Fort De Soto and Hart Springs.  Both have restrictions on where pets are allowed, but dogs are welcomed in the campgrounds.

Camping at Hart Springs

Dogs need camping gear too.  Here is brief list of things to consider when camping with your dog.

Water Bottle

If you plan on taking your dog walking throughout the park, it’s important they have clean, fresh water.  This portable water bottle has worked great for us and Ellie.  You can find it here.

Taking a Break at Fort De Soto

Tie Out Cable

With most parks, all dogs must be on a leash.  At some point you will have to have them on a tie out when you are outdoors.  Our dog likes to be outside but always tangles herself around a pole or a tree.  This tie out cable would hopefully help prevent that from happening.  You can find it here.

No Spill Dog Food/Water Bowls

The last thing you want is for your dog to spill their water or food all over your camper.  If your camper is like ours, it’s tight quarters.  There just isn’t much room to move and our dog is clumsy.  She has spilled her food and water so many times.  This food station would be a great solution. You can find it here.

Dog Cot

This dog cot will definitely be added to my dog’s wish list.  This is such a great idea.  It keeps the dog out of the dirt and gives them plenty of shade as well.  I just wonder if my dog would stay on the cot. You can find it here.

Lighted Dog Collar

Here is another great camping find for your dog.  A lighted dog collar that can be seen in the dark.  This such a good idea to have not only when camping in the woods, but just to have when walking your dog at home in the dark. You can find it here.

Dog Tag

Your dog will of course need a dog tag with all of their important information.   Might as well make it a cool one like the one below. You can find it here.

Have fun camping with your dog.  Don’t forget to pack their medical records, food, poo bags, and leash!

Happy Camping!

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