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Campfire Popcorn

I found the coolest camping gadget on Amazon.  It’s a popcorn extension handle for Jiffy Pop.  Technically Jiffy Pop is not suppose to go over a “campfire”, but honestly that is what Jiffy Pop is made for.  The problem with putting Jiffy Pop over an open flame was the handle became too hot to hold.  Enter my newest find, the Popcorn Extension Handle. Problem solved.

Popcorn Extension Handle

This handle was so easy to put the Jiffy Pop on.  Just place it in the hole, make sure the little metal hook at the top is affixed, then secure the Jiffy Pop handle to the Popcorn Extension Handle with the metal slide.


Tear off the cardboard label  and put it over the fire.  This part takes a lot of work.  You really have to shake it over the fire, and it takes a while to get going before you start to hear the popcorn popping.  But everything stayed secure with all the shaking I did.

Campfire Popcorn

It was a lot work, but so worth it.  Jiffy Pop popcorn is the best over a campfire. The kids loved it.  Be careful opening it, the foil and popcorn are very hot.  Pour into a bowl and enjoy around the campfire.

Try This

Try out this cool camping gadget on your next camping trip.  You can find the Popcorn Extension Handle here.  I found Jiffy Pop at Wal-Mart but you can also find it  here as well.

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Happy Camping!

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